Whether you’re a truck driver or fleet driver on the road or a family on vacation, one of the best ways to ensure your access to the best possible cell signal is to use a cell phone signal booster from weBoost.

Cell signal boosters consist of three basic technical components: an external antenna that captures a signal outside a vehicle, an amplifier that then boosts that signal’s strength by up to 32 times, and at least one internal antenna that distributes the amplified signal inside the vehicle.  This will mean reliable connectivity on average 85-95% of the time.

how weBoost vehicle signal boosters work | weBoost

There are lots of different ways for those components to be configured. Multiuser systems help vehicle fleets stay in contact, and there are boosters specifically designed for connecting with remote cell towers for use in cars and SUVs, for campers, trailers, and other recreational vehicles, or for OTR trucks, work trucks, and vehicle fleets

No matter the specs of your vehicle or specific needs, weBoost cell signal boosters can help you stay connected wherever your journey takes you.

Contact us today and get started on equipping your vehicle with a more reliable cell signal, even in weak-signal zones.


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