5 reasons truck drivers (and everyone else) need to stay connected on the road

Nicholas Jones | July 14, 2016

We’ve talked before about how important it is for truck drivers to stay connected on the road. But the truth is, cellular connectivity on the road nowadays is vital for pretty much anyone who drives any distance at all. Below we’ve listed five reasons why this is true.

An emergency

You need to maintain connectivity on the road because an emergency can pop up suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere. If your truck starts acting up on you, you need to find a shop fast. Or what if you’re on a family vacation and one of the kids starts to show symptoms of food poisoning? You need the nearest ER, clinic or doctor’s office now. If you have a solid cell signal you can make a call or do a quick local search to find the help you need.

A breakdown

Nobody wants to spend a cold night by the side of a lonely New Mexico highway listening to coyotes howl. I promise, it’s not as fun as it sounds. If you drive long enough and far enough, you will break down. It can happen even if you’ve taken good care of your truck, or other vehicle. Hopefully it will be during broad daylight in a nice suburb with a relatively unbusy repair shop right around the corner. But if does happen on a lonely highway somewhere, then strong, reliable mobile phone connectivity will allow you to quickly summon a tow to town.

For security

Jim Allen pointed out in the 365Trucking blog the security concerns for truckers hauling high-value loads:

“Hijackers are following trucks further and further for trucks hauling pharmaceuticals or high-end electronics and they know where the dead zones are.”

Solid cell connectivity on the road means fewer no-signal dead zones, and that means higher security for HVL drivers. And of course the same goes for drivers and passengers of any vehicle.

To contact the home office

For OTR drivers, missing a call from your dispatcher, or being unable to call in, can be frustrating and possibly take you miles out of your way and cost you money. If you’re not a truck driver but on the road for business or for pleasure, sometimes you need to check in with the office – or they need to find you. If you stay connected to the cellular network, checking in with your home office is never a problem.


Last, and most important, you want to maintain connectivity so you can check in with loved ones at any time. Whether you’re on your way to deliver a load, or just looking for a shady, secluded campsite to park the RV, you want to stay up on the latest happenings with family members or be available for contact in case of emergency. With good cell connectivity, you can always be just a call or text away from family.

Your best insurance policy for always staying connected on the road is a government certified (FCC in the U.S.; IC in Canada) cell signal booster. Click the button below to see cell booster options for staying connected on the road.


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