4) Cell signal booster for your apartment

Apartment cell phone signal boosters work in virtually any situation where there is an existing cell signal to amplify. With simple DIY instructions, install the cell signal booster in your apartment to begin experiencing boosted cell signal, faster data, and better call quality. weBoost signal boosters work with all carriers and devices, which makes this solution likely to work for most people. Here’s more information on how cell phone signal boosters work.

Here are some boosters below:how to boost cell signal in apartment

5) As a last resort cautiously switch carriers

This works for some, but be careful about switching your cell carrier in hopes of getting better coverage in the flat. The last thing you want to do is to exchange poor reception with one carrier for even worse reception from another.

If you, using Carrier X, always have poor reception in the apartment, but your roommate, using Carrier Y, always has excellent reception, then a switch to Carrier Y might make sense. Just be sure before you switch that your coverage will be better with the new carrier. Sometimes the cost of switching carriers isn’t worth it.

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