Check out this video for pro installation tips and read this post for more details.

3. Place the magnetic tower antenna on the roof of your vehicle
Why the roof? Because the metal roof acts as a shield. If your place the magnetic antenna on the trunk deck lid, it may pick up through the rear window the signals of your device antenna located inside the vehicle. This crossing of antenna signals causes a feedback loop condition called oscillation. Oscillation can damage the cellular network, so the FCC (and Industry Canada) require all cell signal boosters to auto-detect the condition. When a booster detects oscillation, it immediately reduces power, and therefore signal boost, until the condition is corrected. If reducing power doesn’t correct the oscillation, the booster will shut down, and will not restart until the oscillation condition has been corrected. The only way to correct or prevent oscillation is to move the two antennas further apart, or to employ a shield (like your vehicle roof) between them so they can’t pick up each other’s signals.

4. Secure the device antenna inside the vehicle in the location of of your choice
If the booster will provide signal to passengers, you will probably want to secure the device antenna in a central location so signals can be distributed to all occupants of the vehicle.

5. Run the cord from each antenna to the booster unit
Make sure power is disconnected, then connect each antenna to its proper connection on the booster unit. The connections are clearly labeled. Always disconnect power before connecting any antenna to the booster unit. Connecting an antenna to the booster while it is powered can damage the booster!

6. Run the power cord from the booster to the power outlet, but don’t plug it in just yet
Before plugging in you may want to hide any excess power cord length. IMPORTANT: Plug the power cord into the booster first, then plug the other end into the power outlet. Plugging a cord that is connected to power into your booster can damage the unit! ALWAYS dIsconnect the power cord from the power outlet before plugging into the booster unit.

7. When everything is installed as you want and the antennas and power cord are connected to the booster unit, plug the power cord into the power outlet. Your custom vehicle installation is done!

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