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How weBoost Brought Cell Signal to a Remote Cabin in the Uinta Mountains

Posted on 4/16/2022 by Nicholas Jones

Cell phone signal is often weak or nonexistent in remote and rural locations throughout the country. The inability to get reliable phone reception can be frustrating for the one in five Americans – roughly 60 million people – who live in these rural areas.

For years, Don E. and his family experienced inadequate cell signal at his off-grid cabin in the Uinta Mountains. Living in a dead zone was more than just problematic. Don struggled with the reality that he couldn’t use his cell phone to call for an ambulance in an emergency medical situation. He needed a solution for the ongoing cellular connectivity issues.

cabin weBoost Installed Booster

The Challenge

Don, a retired salesman, enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren at their second home in the wilderness. The 2,000-square-foot cabin, located on the north slope of the Uinta Mountains, sits at an altitude of 8,650 feet.

Unfortunately, there was no cell signal at all inside the cabin. To get a couple of bars of reception and make a phone call, Don would have to climb 100-150 yards up the hillside to a ridge behind the cabin. While the trek was merely inconvenient in nice weather, it was virtually impossible during the winter months.

The lack of cell service also affected Don’s sons who have full-time jobs and often visit. They were frustrated with the inability to use their cell phones to work remotely while their children played outside. In the isolated location, no one could make phone calls or send text messages from inside the cabin.

After reaching out to a local power company and DirecTV for potential solutions, Don was still unable to get a reliable internet connection. He decided to try a cell phone booster for home to see if it would fix their cell connectivity problems.

The Solution

Finding a cellular connectivity solution for the secluded cabin was a challenge. Then a family friend recommended the weBoost Installed | Home Complete cell signal booster.

With professional installation included, this home cell phone booster immediately brought cell signal inside the cabin. The powerful booster targets faraway cell towers from any location and provides coverage for the entire 2,000-square-foot home. “With this booster now in the cabin, we can, not only get 3-4 bars, we can text and we also are able to stream, and that has been marvelous. In fact, it’s been wonderful.”

In addition, weBoost cell signal boosters work with all phones and cellular devices on all carriers. Everyone can use their own smartphones and carrier plans for voice and data. “We can probably have 4 or 5 people on their phones doing various things, texting and things like that, and they all have good, strong signal.” It was a significant improvement from one person sitting on the ridge struggling to make a phone call.

Don was also pleased with the installer’s “very smooth and professional” installation. The entire process was faster than Don had anticipated, and it exceeded his expectations.

Dish Installation

The Results

Don and his family were thrilled with their newfound ability to connect to the outside world from their cabin in the middle of nowhere. They were particularly excited that they could now stream movies and videos.

“Since the installation, we have spent Memorial Day weekend and this past three days at our cabin with perfect reception. We not only are able to receive and send text messages, make and receive calls, also we are able to stream movies. What a great surprise since we had no idea that was even remotely possible!”

Don has told other residents in the Uinta Lands about his success with the weBoost cell signal booster. He highly recommends the weBoost Installed|Home Complete to others who are experiencing weak cell reception.weBoost Installed installation

Fortunately, Don has more than just reliable cellular connectivity. He now has peace of mind, knowing that he can connect with medical personnel in emergency situations. “I work on a lot of trees with a chainsaw. When you’re up there and isolated so much, having a phone is a real safety measure. You never know when you’ll need to call someone or when they need to get in touch with you. From our standpoint, the safety of it is just immense.”

How to Boost Cell Signal in Your Rural Location

Regardless of proximity to the nearest cell tower, Americans who live and work in rural locations can stay connected to family, friends, coworkers, and others. weBoost offers a variety of cell phone signal boosters for homes, offices, cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, and RVs. We can help you find the best booster to fit your specific needs.

To learn more about how to get better cell signal in your area, shop weBoost products today.

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