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Small Businesses That Benefit Most From Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Posted on 4/8/2023 by Meredith Pond

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Smartphones and tablets continue to transform the business world. Never before have we had so many ways to stay connected to colleagues and customers. Whether it’s a Zoom meeting, project management app, or Slack channels, people tend to stay connected to the office everywhere.

Small businesses are no exception to this connectivity transformation. In fact, you could say that it’s even more important for the little guys. More than 99% of all businesses in the United States are small businesses.

Despite better and faster mobile devices and the promise of widespread 5G networks, many small businesses still suffer from poor cellular connectivity. This poor connectivity impacts communication with clients, productivity between employees, and ultimately hurts your bottom line.

Without reliable mobile network connections, small businesses lose money. Unfortunately, your expensive mobile devices can become pricey paperweights. You need solutions that ensure your connectivity once and for all, that fit into your budget without adding to your monthly bills.

Solutions on a small-business budget

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Fortunately, these solutions exist, and they can keep your small business connected without expensive overhead. One such solution is a cellular signal booster. Signal boosters work by capturing the nearby carrier signal and amplifying it, providing everyone in your building with an improved cellular connection.

Signal boosters work by bringing together three distinct components:

  • An outside antenna used to capture signal from nearby cell towers
  • A booster, which accepts the signal from the outside antenna and strengthens it
  • An inside antenna used to rebroadcast the signal

The three components are connected by a cable.

Given their ease of installation and affordability, weBoost for Business signal boosters can be used in various environments, whether you have a small restaurant, professional office space, or a shipping warehouse.

They’re also carrier agnostic, meaning everyone can take full advantage of them regardless of their cellular provider. These are excellent solutions for small businesses with limited budgets because they’re a one-time investment with no monthly fees. They can also save you from having to buy every employee a phone on the same carrier.

Just about any small to medium sized business can benefit from weBoost’s business solutions. Let’s discuss a few examples.


a woman takes a snapshot of a price tag with her mobile phone in a boutique

Independent retailers make up more than 95% of all retail businesses, making them the backbone of the small-business economy. Like the big guys, your independent retail shop needs robust, reliable connectivity to make sure your business stays on track.

Retail locations like independent clothing stores, bookstores, and hardware stores need to reliably process orders and payments, and print customer receipts. Car dealerships need sales teams and finance managers to stay connected with customers and each other. Since all of this happens online, bad cell signal can bring business to a halt.

With an in-building signal booster installed, you can set aside fears of poor cellular signal. Constant connectivity ensures processes and transactions go off without a hitch.

Professional services

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Staying connected to clients is crucial for any professional services company, from SaaS to SEO. In order to serve your clients, your employees rely on constant wireless communication across various channels all day, every day.

When an important discovery call gets interrupted by a bad cell signal, it can mean the difference between landing a new client and going back to the drawing board. And when remote employees and clients can’t communicate without buffering, everyone’s morale and experience will suffer.

Many small offices are located in areas with problematic cell service. Trendy office spaces in high-rise buildings may contribute to creativity and professionalism, but being surrounded by other buildings and modern building materials can wreak havoc on cellular signals.

A commercial-grade cell signal booster could be just what you need to help your business stay connected to clients.


In healthcare clinics, dental offices, or private medical practices, a positive in-person experience is critical to attracting and retaining patients and staff. Cellular coverage is an important part of that experience.

Patients are often onsite for an extended time between check-in, exam, and wait time. They expect reliable cell signal to use social media while they wait, take calls, use mobile apps to access patient portals, and search for health information. They’re also likely to use mobile wallets and proximity-based POS systems to make payments or check in digitally at the reception desk.

Poor cellular coverage makes all those things difficult, leading to poor reviews, damaged reputation, and lack of patient loyalty.

For doctors and other staff, reliable cell signal is necessary for calling patients, labs, or other facilities. This increases efficiency, streamlines quality care, and allows more patients to be seen. It’s also much more secure than WiFi for sensitive patient data.

Staff also need access to apps for training, connecting with people outside of work, and simplifying administrative tasks that help them focus on patient care. With reliable cell coverage, your clinic can get rid of expensive VOIP systems and save money by allowing staff to use their own cell phones reliably.

In a healthcare setting, it also goes without saying that the ability to make emergency calls is critical for everyone’s safety.

Food services

a woman pays a butcher with her smartphone

In days past, small hospitality businesses such as delis and restaurants didn’t depend so much on connectivity. Sure, they needed to call vendors to place orders or field some customer phone calls, but spotty cellular connection wasn’t a deal-breaker. Here in 2023, those days are long gone.

Now, mobile payments have become the norm. Third-party delivery services and apps need a cellular connection to function. If your small eatery doesn’t have a strong signal, you can’t do business in today’s environment.

As you know, your customers also expect your building to have strong cell signals so they can easily use their devices during their visit. Others come to your location to eat and get a little work done away from the office. If they can’t get a good cell signal to keep things rolling, they’re likely to go somewhere else.

Considering your restaurant’s location, building materials, and all the equipment that could interfere with cellular signal – such as ovens and freezers, cooking gadgets, metal supplies and shelving – a good signal can be hard to come by.

A cell signal booster strengthens your signal to keep payments moving, delivery apps working, and customers happy.

Small warehouses and distribution centers

a warehouse employee types on a mobile phone in front of shelves filled with boxes

For smaller warehouses and distribution centers, reliable cell phone connections are critical. Whether it’s managing and logging inventory, coordinating transportation to and from the warehouse, or communicating with colleagues on the warehouse floor, reliable connectivity is a must for day-to-day operations.

There’s also the concern of safety. Even the best warehouses experience accidents. Ensuring that all your employees can contact emergency services — regardless of where they are in the warehouse — is critical to their safety and your liability.

Unfortunately, many warehouses are in remote locations or commercial districts with less-than-stellar cellular coverage. Their size and construction materials also contribute to weakened signals.

A cell signal booster for business is a worry-free way to ensure everyone inside has a robust connection to get their work done and stay safe while doing so. For example, weBoost Installed | Office 200 is designed for warehouse or distribution centers of up to 15,000 square feet* and comes with professional installation.

* Coverage claims are based on estimates and can vary depending on factors such as outside signal strength, building construction, and building layout. Wilson Electronics’ Office products are the best performing cell signal boosters for smaller buildings. For larger buildings exceeding 15,000 square feet, we recommend the WilsonPro product lineup for optimal in-building cell signal performance.

What about WiFi?

WiFi can help establish connectivity, particularly for employees. But for everyone else, a separate guest WiFi network needs to be set up. Still, WiFi tends to create security issues due to rampant password sharing, even if the network is meant for employees only.

Keeping a WiFi network secure requires encryption and frequent – probably daily – password changes. At its best, WiFi creates friction for every visitor, forcing them through a series of steps to join your network.

You could eliminate some friction by leaving your guest network open and unprotected, but then everyone who uses it is left vulnerable to having their private information compromised. It’s a double-edged sword you’d be better off avoiding.

WiFi is useful and a great backup or complement to cellular networks. But the bottom line is that reliable cellular is easier and more secure for everyone.

Boost your small business connections with weBoost

weBoost Installed Office 200 Installer talks with small business owner in her store

weBoost provides cellular signal booster systems to help your small business capture and enhance mobile reception in your building. By taking the weak signal that’s already there and boosting it, our boosters provide your employees, colleagues, and patrons with a robust signal that ensures they can call, text, and access information when they need it most. And that makes life easier for everyone.

Whether you’re a busy warehouse or a chiropractor, weBoost for Business has a permanent solution to your connectivity woes that works on all U.S. carriers and won’t break your budget.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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