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Why You Need a T-Mobile Signal Booster

Posted on 7/21/2016 by Nicholas Jones

T-Mobile is the third largest nationwide cell service provider in the U.S., and claims to be the fastest growing of the major carriers. But despite this success, there are T-Mobile customers who struggle to get reliable cell reception inside their home, in the workplace, or in their vehicle.

When this happens the natural reaction is to blame T-Mobile for the bad signal. But it’s not that simple. In fact, in poor signal situations it’s usually not the carrier’s fault. The culprit is almost always something between you and the T-Mobile tower that blocks the signal and causes poor reception.

Why you have poor T-Mobile signal

We’ve done a whole blog post and video on this topic. Here’s the explanation in a nutshell. Mobile phone communications – voice and data – travel on radio waves. They can cover relatively long distances, but they are easily blocked or disrupted. Imagine you’re driving down the freeway listening to FM radio. You pass under a bridge, and the FM signal is momentarily interrupted.

Obstructions block your signal

That’s what can happen to your cell signal. Unfortunately almost anything between your location and the cell tower can block the signal – hills, any man-made structure, even trees and weather conditions. Not to mention distance from the T-Mobile tower. Of course the farther away you are, the less reliable your signal.

When the cell signal in its weakened state reaches your location, unless you’re standing out in the open it has to fight through more obstructions – the brick, concrete, metal and glass of your home or workplace, or the metal and coated safety glass of your vehicle – just to reach your phone.

You know what happens next: lost connections, sloowww downloads, scratchy audio and dead zones.

How a T-Mobile Booster from weBoost Can Help

A T-Mobile cell phone signal booster uses patented technology to collect, amplify and retransmit cell signals inside your vehicle, home or other interior space. Your cell phone, at least the communications function, is pretty much a two-way radio operated by a very modern user interface.

A T-Mobile cellular signal booster from weBoost has an antenna to collect faint signals, much weaker signals than your phone can detect. It then amplifies those signals and redistributes the amplified signals inside your home, workspace or vehicle so your phone can use them. The same process is repeated in reverse to send amplified signals back to the T-Mobile tower.

All weBoost T-Mobile boosters are certified by the FCC and approved for use by T-Mobile. They work for voice and data, for 3G and 4G LTE, and for all cell devices, even those on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and other carriers’ networks!

That compatibility with all North American carriers is a major advantage over the signal boosters or personal cell spots available directly from T-Mobile. Those devices boost coverage only for the T-Mobile network, and some even take your Wifi bandwidth to boost your T-Mobile signal!

Recommended T-Mobile Cell Signal Boosters

A weBoost T-Mobile cell signal booster virtually eliminates lost connections, speeds uploads and downloads, improves audio quality for voice calls and provides up to two more hours talk time on one battery charge.

Click below to see all weBoost T-Mobile signal boosters

T-Mobile signal booster for poor reception



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