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Top 4 Most Affordable Cell Signal Boosters

Posted on 11/10/2022 by Web Admin

What are the most affordable cell signal boosters? In this article, you’re going to find out.

In today’s world, we are continuously connected by smartphones and other devices. The internet makes it easy to connect with family and friends, get answers to questions about products or services, or research your next dinner location.

In fact, with the right connections and tools, you can do all three at once while you’re on the way to town for lunch. What’s the downside, you ask? Well, if you can’t get a good connection for whatever reason, you lose that communication and convenience. And when since we’ve grown so accustomed to instant answers and results, this first-world problem feels more like a tragedy.

Take something as simple as getting dinner to go. Without a solid cell connection, not only can you not get online to order on the app or website, but you can’t even call the restaurant to get your fix.

A poor cell signal in your home or places you like to travel is more than an inconvenience. It can also be a productivity or safety issue. And with smartphone use on the rise, having a good connection and the ability to use data on your phone is becoming an expectation.  Businesses, your employer, and your friends and family may not realize you can’t easily get their downloads or calls.

The right cell phone booster can solve these issues and let you communicate in a way everyone expects. If you’re on the hunt for affordable cell signal boosters, keep reading.

Why you should invest in better signal

These societal expectations will only increase. In March 2011, only around 35% of adults in the United States had a smartphone. By February 2021, that number had skyrocketed to about 85%. And 97% of adults have a cell phone (smartphone or other), making on-the-go, anytime communication a constant in most people’s lives.

If you’re not getting a good cell signal at home, you could be missing important connections, or at the very least, pretty frustrated. Reasons for poor cell signal vary, but if you’re too far from the tower or not getting full signal strength due to landscape or building barriers, a cell signal booster can help.

Even if budget constraints are a concern for you, there are some great affordable cell signal boosters that are well worth the investment. We’ll give you several of them here.

Options for affordable cell phone boosters

Using a smartphone becomes easier with affordable cell signal boosters

Cell phone booster costs can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for whole-home or business coverage. The options below will help you find an affordable solution.

1. weBoost Home Studio cell signal booster

This cell signal booster provides coverage for one room, making it a good option if you need to improve cell signal in a studio apartment or large living space. Install it in a second-story bedroom that doesn’t get great signal or in your living room to help with calls for the entire family.

The 5G-compatible Home Studio booster works with multiple devices at a time and is carrier agnostic. That means you can use it no matter who your wireless carrier is. This product comes ready for DIY installation.

2. weBoost Home Room cell phone booster

This 5G-compatible cell signal booster also covers up to one room, supports multiple devices simultaneously, and works with all major carriers. The Home Room booster comes with an exterior antenna to help pick up signal and a flat cable that lets you connect the booster, so you don’t have to drill holes in walls. The small desktop booster can fit easily on your desk, shelf, or even your windowsill, so it won’t take up a lot of space.

3. weBoost Home MultiRoom cell signal booster

Both the Home Studio and Home Room boosters are priced below $400, making them the most affordable options for enhancing cell signal in your home. However, if you’re looking for an affordable cell signal booster that lets you improve connections in more than one room, the weBoost Home MultiRoom booster may be a better choice. It’s only $549 and is the second-most-powerful home booster in our lineup.

You can use this device to boost cell signal in up to three large rooms, making it a good choice if you want to target a weak area of coverage in your home. Set it up on the second story to provide better connections in a few bedrooms or use it in the living space to ensure coverage in the living room, kitchen, and home office.

Home MultiRoom also lets you get more coverage from further cell towers that are 23% farther than the Home Room booster. This device is 5G compatible, works with all cell phone carriers, and doesn’t require tools for installation.

If you need more coverage and don’t want to install your booster yourself, you can upgrade to the weBoost Installed | Home Complete.

4. weBoost Drive Sleek cell phone booster

You might have adequate or even great coverage at home, but what about when you’re in your vehicle? If you drive into rural areas regularly for work or personal reasons, you may find yourself far enough from cell towers that your connection gets weak. That leads to dropped calls and issues connecting to apps that let you better navigate, communicate, or entertain everyone in the car.

If your cell phone connection is questionable on your daily commute, that can leave you without access to playlists, podcasts, and other amenities that make the drive less tedious. Since the average total commute time in the United States is almost an hour a day, it can be frustrating to deal with poor cell signal when you’re driving.

The weBoost Drive Sleek booster helps solve those problems. It’s the least expensive of the cell phone signal boosters designed for cars and SUVs. You can find similar affordable options for RVs and trucks in our product lineup, specifically the Drive Reach RV and Drive Reach OTR.

The Drive Sleek works in remote locations and works with any phone that slides into the cradle. If your phone is up to 5.1×7.5 inches, it should work with this device. The booster kit includes an external antenna and the interior cradle, both of which install easily with no need for tools. The cradle can attach to your air conditioning vent or dashboard for a customized installation that meets your needs. As with our other boosters, the Drive Sleek is 5G compatible and works with all U.S. cell phone carriers.

It’s important to note that the Drive Sleek will only boost for a single user or device. If you want a more powerful booster system that works for multiple users and devices, then the Drive Reach is the better option.

Where to shop for an affordable cell signal booster

Affordable cell signal boosters can be professionally installed

Don’t let poor cell phone performance impact your quality of life or even your safety. Some models even come with professional installation. Learn more about cell signal boosters for your home, business, or vehicle and make an investment in your connection today.

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