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Why Cell Phone Booster Apps Don’t Work

Posted on 09/15/16 by Nicholas Jones

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just put an app on your phone that amplifies your cell signal like a booster system does? We’d all love an app like that.

No surprise, some apps claim to do exactly that – boost your cell signal.

Is there an app for that?

Just for fun sometimes go to your preferred app store and search ‘cell phone signal booster.’

You don’t have to actually do the search because I’ll tell you right now what happens – you get screens and screens and screens and more screens of apps that call themselves ‘booster apps.’

You might even recognize one or two of these apps, or even have them on your phone. Most of them perform useful functions.

cell phone signal booster apps


‘Booster’ apps are actually ‘performance’ apps

These ‘booster’ apps should probably more accurately be labeled ‘phone performance’ apps. They make your phone respond faster.

They fall into three broad categories:

  • Cleaners
  • Speed-Up
  • Security/anti-malware

‘Booster’ apps explained

The ‘cleaner’ apps do what it sounds like. They clear various caches on your phone and apps, as well as eliminating old, unused and junk files so your phone performs faster.

The ‘speed-ups’ free up your phone’s RAM and storage space. They typically also manage background apps & processes, but some allow you to overclock your phone’s processor. Result: you phone operates faster.

The ‘security/anti-malware’ apps guard your device against virus infections, help locate a stolen or lost phone, and some provide additional password security at the app level, in additional to your phone’s native security functions.

You might say there’s a fourth category – ‘combo’ apps that combine the functions of the three categories so you get clean up, speed up and security features all together in one app.

Don’t be misled

These apps can serve useful functions. But none of them boost your signal.

So why can’t I just put a booster app on my phone and get better signal?

The short answer is, because apps on your phone or tablet can only work with the resources available on your device.

Think about it for a moment.

Apps customize your phone, but they can’t customize the cell signal

The apps described above can tweak or trick out your phone with a bunch of useful processes and services.

But as we all know, the cell signal is completely independent of your phone.

The signal exists because your service provider’s towers produce and distribute it, allowing everyone’s phones or other devices to use the signal for communication.

Because the cell signal is independent of your phone, your phone or other device cannot affect the strength of the signal by boosting it nor by diminishing it – not even with an app.

Apps can customize your phone. They can’t customize the cell signal from your carrier’s tower.

Apps worth exploring

While these won’t boost your signal, there are apps out there that can help you find a stronger signal. They work by locating and showing you nearby cell towers. See them here Apps for Finding Cell Towers.

Only a cell signal booster system can actually boost signal

The only thing that can really boost the signal to your phone and then back to cell tower is hardware – a cell signal booster system.

We’ve posted a lot about how cell boosters work and the situations in which they’re effective. Some of those posts are linked blow if you want to read more.

How does a cell phone booster work?

Is a cell signal booster right for me?

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