How to Install a Booster in a Car

How to Install a Booster in an RV

If you prefer, you can leave the installation to an expert. The weBoost Home Complete signal booster can be purchased with installation included. Once you receive the booster, schedule an installation with an OnTech installer. The technician customizes the installation to your home to give you optimal cell signal coverage.

5. You Want to Boost Devices From Different Carriers

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Some brands of cell phone boosters are carrier-specific, but weBoost models are compatible with major carriers in the United States and Canada. This means the boosted signal is available across devices and carriers. You can:

Working with every major carrier is what makes weBoost signal boosters a better solution over femtocells or microcells that only support one carrier. Our boosters are FCC-certified and will improve, 3G, 4G LTE, and Nationwide 5G for years to come.

A Cell Phone Signal Booster WON’T Work For You If:

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1. You Have No Existing Signal Outside

A signal booster only does its job if there’s an available cell signal outside of your house. If you can’t pick up a signal outdoors or need to drive a certain distance away from the house to make a call, this indicates there aren’t any radio frequency waves for the booster to amplify. Keep in mind that you can’t determine if a signal booster will work based on how far you have to drive to pick up a signal. Sometimes, 10 miles is too far; other times, one block is too far. It’s important to measure the signal strength that’s available to be boosted.

Cell Signal Strength dBm Chart | weBoost

Both iPhones and Android phones have a field test mode that you can use to measure the actual signal strength in decibel milliwatts (dBm), which is the industry standard measure. The field test mode tells you both the available signal strength and type of network, such as 2G, 3G, 4G, or LTE. There are also apps you can download onto your phone that can measure available signal strength. Some mobile apps tell you in which direction the cell signal is coming from.

2. You Want to Boost Cellular Reception Outside Your Home or Vehicle

It’s useful to have cellular connectivity outside so you can be reached while working in the garden or relaxing outdoors, but signal boosters are only designed for indoor use. Boosters work by bouncing the signals within an enclosed space. The amplifier component isn’t weather-proof and must be plugged into a power source.

3. You Want to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal or Home Internet

Cell phone signal boosters can only improve your cellular connectivity. If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds or finding that your WiFi drops out in certain rooms in the house, check the location of your internet router or contact your internet service provider. The only way to use your phone’s cellular signal to give an internet connection to other devices is through a mobile hotspot. Be sure to monitor data usage to avoid a surprise bill.

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Ready for clearer voice calls and faster data speeds in your home or vehicle? Learn more about the reliable cellular coverage you can get from weBoost products.


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