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Do I need to sync my phone to a cell signal booster?

Posted on 03/15/16 by Nicholas Jones

I’m pretty sure we’ve all connected our phone to a Wifi network we don’t normally use to preserve our mobile data, maybe while we’re waiting for our appointment at the dentist’s office or in the auto shop as they finish our oil change.

And most of us have connected a Bluetooth device to our phone, probably earphones or a headset or a speaker.

You know how it works. Find the correct Wifi network or Bluetooth device and log in to connect by entering the password, if required.

Of course if you don’t know the required password, you can’t connect. And if you get a new phone you have to log in again to any network or synch again with your Bluetooth devices. It’s just one of digital life’s little incoveniences.

But not so with a cell phone signal booster!

No passwords. No pairing of devices. No logging in to connect. No need to do anything. It just works.

A cell phone signal booster is completely transparent. It works with existing cell signal, boosting from the tower to your phone and back again. This creates an area of strong, reliable coverage in your home or office, or in your vehicle. And that boosted signal works for any mobile device within range.

What could be easier!

If you haven’t done so already, watch the short (less than 2 minutes) video above for more info.

Need max cell phone coverage in your home or office? Check out the Connect 4G or  Connect 4G-X

Or do you need to cover more than 7,500 square feet of indoor space? See commercial cell phone boosters here




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