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Does weBoost Really Work? Exploring the Effectiveness of Cell Signal Boosters 

Posted on 3/18/2024 by Meredith Pond

In today’s digital age, reliable cell signal is crucial for staying connected, whether it’s for work, remote communication, or home entertainment. But with the increasing demand for connectivity, many people find themselves struggling with weak or unreliable signals, especially in remote or rural areas. This begs the question: Does weBoost really work? Do cell signal boosters work in general? Let’s delve into the effectiveness of cell signal boosters to find out. 

How do cell signal boosters work?  

Cell signal boosters (like those offered by weBoost) work by capturing existing weak signals from outside the building or vehicle, amplifying them, and rebroadcasting them inside. This process improves signal strength for more reliable calls and texts, faster data, better app performance, and smoother streaming. For a detailed explanation of how signal boosters work, refer to our comprehensive guide here

Cell phone signal booster technology was originally invented and patented by Wilson Electronics, parent company of weBoost. Over the last 3+ decades, we’ve continued to push this technology forward, developing affordable, effective cell signal boosters for homes, vehicles, and businesses.  

This diagram shows how weBoost cell signal boosters work. It depicts a vehicle setup, but the principals are the same whether your booster is installed in a vehicle or building.

Does weboost really work? How weBoost Works in a Vehicle

Common myths about cell signal boosters  

Before we dive into whether cell phone boosters work, let’s lay some groundwork by clearing up some common misconceptions about this technology. 

Myth 1: Cell signal boosters cause interference. 

There is a perception that cell signal boosters interfere with network operations, causing problems for other users or even cellular carriers. The misconception is often that cell phone boosters are illegal for these reasons. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. 

In the United States, cell signal boosters are regulated by the FCC. In other countries, different regulatory bodies govern the design and power of cell phone boosters. Because they are regulated, these devices must be properly designed with limits on their strength, so they won’t cause interference. When properly installed, cell signal booster components won’t interfere with your cellular network or other electronic devices.   

Does weBoost really work within these parameters? Absolutely. Wilson Electronics works directly with the FCC to ensure every weBoost cell signal booster is safe and compliant with regulatory standards. 

Myth 2: Cell phone boosters are difficult to install.  

Most weBoost cell phone boosters for both vehicles and buildings come in a kit designed for DIY installation. Depending on the model, the kits require either basic tools for installation, or offer tool-free installation options. Either way, the included instructions are easy for most people to follow, especially if you’re a bit handy or comfortable with tools.  

The free weBoost App also includes videos to guide you through installation, and connects you directly to our U.S.-based support team if you need help. It will also help you test your signal strength both before installing your booster and again after installation, so you can see the difference your booster has made. 

Not comfortable with power tools? Just don’t want to take the time to install your booster yourself? Then you can opt for one of two products that include professional installation.  

With either product, all you need to do is order your kit and then use the included card to schedule your installation online. Your system can usually be installed within a couple of business days, and it will be optimized for peak performance for your unique surroundings—without you having to lift a finger. 

Myth 3: Cell signal boosters drain your phone’s battery.  

You may have been told that using a cell signal booster will drain your device’s battery faster, but this isn’t true. Cell phone boosters simply amplify weak cell signals without directly impacting your phone’s battery at all. If anything, the amplified signal may prolong your battery life because your device won’t have to spend as much time looking for a connection. 

Myth 4: Cell phone signal boosters only work in specific locations.  

Do cell phone boosters work anywhere? To answer this question, let’s first look at how cell signal boosters are commonly used.  

Cell signal boosters are often used in remote locations because, due to their distance from cell towers or obstructions like trees and mountains, people tend to need signal boosting there. However, signal boosters are designed to work wherever you need a boosted signal—not just remote locations or other specific spots.  

One caveat for this is that some cell booster models are better for certain locations than others. Just like a lot of other devices, you’ll get the best results from your cell signal booster if you choose the right model for your situation (this article might help). Fortunately, there are models designed for just about any use case you can think of. 

As you explore weBoost.com, you’ll find weBoost cell phone boosters for passenger vehicles, off-road or overlanding vehicles, RVs, fleet vehicles, homes, and small businesses. The specific model you choose will depend on a handful of factors. For example, if you need better signal all over your 6,000 square foot home, you should choose a whole-home booster rather than one meant for a studio apartment or single room. 

Myth 5: Cell phone signal boosters create their own signal. 

Sadly, cell phone boosters can’t create a cell signal out of nothing. So, do cell signal boosters work if there is absolutely zero signal? No. Even a weak cell signal will give the booster something to work with, but there must be some signal available to boost. And if your phone says, “no signal,” that doesn’t necessarily mean zero signal is available. The signal may just be too weak to use without a booster. 

Does weBoost really work? Comparing weBoost with competitors  

Does weBoost really work? iphone signal booster on kitchen counter

Sure, there are other brands of cell signal boosters on the market. In fact, Amazon is full of bargain-bin imitations created overseas, many of which have positive reviews given in exchange for a free product. But if you’re looking for the best quality product from a respected market leader, you should choose weBoost for several reasons: 

  • We’re the market originator: Decades ago, Wilson Electronics (parent company of weBoost) pioneered and was the first to patent cell signal boosting technology. We started it, and we continue to push it forward today. That’s why we’re the most trusted name in the industry. 
  • Our products are designed, built, and shipped from the U.S.: weBoost products are designed by expert engineers in the United States. We build them in our Utah facility and ship right from our warehouse, employing hundreds with quality jobs that support working families. 
  • U.S. support: Our customer support team is based only in the United States. We train and employ our team of trusted experts here, rather than outsourcing our support elsewhere. 
  • Superior performance: weBoost boosters are known for quality and reliability over the competition. Why? Because we never use inferior parts just to achieve certain specs, and we only use U.S. assembly. Our high-quality components ensure our products live up to what we say about them. They’re built to outperform other products on the market made from cheaper parts and labor. 
  • Reliability and longevity: weBoost products are built to serve you well for years, providing long-term solutions to improve cell signal—all without subscriptions or regular upgrades. Every booster comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty. 

Reviews and testimonials  

Don’t just take our word for it—see what just a few of our real customers have to say: 

Worth every penny. 

This amplifier works extremely well. I now have constant signal with 3-4 bars, and I can make calls as well as send and receive texts plus my emails…It gives me great peace of mind having a spouse with medical issues that I can be reached at any time now…Can’t imagine being without it. It works well. There’s NO Phone setup, or requirement to download an app. Just hang the antenna, plug it in and you’re good to go. 

–Amazon Verified Purchaser 

A must have. 

We bought one of these to test on one of our service trucks. He was so happy with the results that I immediately bought five more. And I have 15 more in the budget for next year. He’s able now to do anything he needs to remotely, including download maps. On a road where he couldn’t even text, he now has two bars of signal. 

–Amazon Verified Purchaser 

Works like a dream. 

Got this for my office as I work in the inner part of an old brick building with expanded metal and lead paint. On a good day, my coworkers and I would get 1 bar of service. The company wouldn’t buy a booster for us, so I was looking for something a bit on the budget side. Installation was a breeze as I was able to snake the outside antenna through a conduit that was already though the wall for another piece of equipment. Installation took about 30 minutes including aiming the antenna…I have T-Mobile, coworkers have Verizon. I get full 5G and they get full LTE. Data speeds went from 0.2 to 100mbps. So glad I did this. I can enjoy streaming music again. 


Okay, but will a weBoost cell signal booster work for me? 

Most likely, a weBoost cell phone booster will provide you with a stronger, more reliable cell signal for calls, texts, and data. A cell signal booster is likely to help you if: 

  • You have cell signal outside (even if it’s weak), but not inside 
  • Your home, business, or vehicle’s building materials seem to block cell signal (concrete, metal, and Low-E glass are all likely culprits) 
  • You want to get better cell coverage in “dead zones” on road trips or your commute 
  • You like to camp in remote locations, but want to stay connected to family or work 
  • Natural obstructions like trees and mountains keep signal from reaching you effectively 

As long as there is some signal to boost, a cell signal booster will probably help you. The free weBoost App can help you test and show your actual signal strength rather than relying on signal bars, which don’t provide a standardized measurement. 

Does weBoost really work? Yes. 

In conclusion, yes. weBoost really does work! Cell signal boosters are legal, safe to use, and won’t cause problems with your cellular network. With our industry leadership, focus on U.S. quality, superior performance and longevity, weBoost cell phone boosters are a permanent solution to poor signal.  

Wherever you need better connectivity, weBoost has a solution that can meet your needs in your vehicle, home, or business. There’s no reason to let unreliable cell coverage hold you back—invest in a weBoost cell signal booster today and experience the difference for yourself. 

In 2024, you shouldn’t have to settle for poor cell signal—especially when it’s such an easy fix. Visit weBoost.com to explore our range of products and find the perfect solution for your needs.  

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