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How to Get Better Cell Phone Signal in a Mobile Home

Posted on 10/4/2019 by Nicholas Jones

If you live in a mobile home or a trailer home, you know these dwellings typically present an increased challenge to getting solid cell phone coverage. In this post, we’ll offer solutions to overcome the cell signal issues common in mobile homes or inside trailer homes.

How to boost cell phone signal in a mobile home

Why do I have bad cell signal in my mobile home?

There are two main causes of poor cell reception in your mobile home:

  • Distance from the nearest cell tower.
  • Obstacles between you and the cell tower that block the signal from reaching your location.

The distant-tower issue will affect people mainly living in a rural area or a less populated area since there aren’t as many cell towers.

As for signal-blocking obstacles, these cause weak cell signal and poor phone reception inside a mobile home.

Signal blockers can take many forms – natural terrain, other structures, and even vegetation or weather conditions. Learn more in this post here on the top 5 surprising things you didn’t know could block your cell signal.

While those kinds of obstacles may cause bad cell signal outside your mobile home, there’s yet another obstacle that is blocking signals from getting inside – the materials your mobile home is made of.

Why Mobile Home Construction Materials Block Cell Signal

Many mobile homes and trailer homes are made from metal siding, which doesn’t allow cell signal to get through very easily.

Radio frequency signals – which carry cellular communications – can’t pass through metal. They’re also at least partially blocked by other construction materials like wood, glass, and asphalt.

Older mobile homes are typically covered by metal siding, which prevents cell signals from penetrating the structure. Newer models are built to stringent energy conservation codes that require features like metal-oxide coated windows and radiant barrier insulation.

Those energy-saving features do a great job of shielding heat and/or air conditioning from escaping a mobile home, thus lowering energy costs. Unfortunately, by preventing energy loss they also block cell signals from entering.

You can probably see why it’s sometimes hard to get reliable cell reception inside a mobile home or trailer home.

Solution for Bad Signal in Metal Mobile Homes or Trailer Homes

However, there’s a great solution that’s designed to solve the distant-tower problem as well as the signal blockers and building materials problem – a cell phone signal booster.

Cell phone boosters work by collecting weak cell signal outside a mobile home with an antenna mounted on the roof or a wall. Those signals are amplified with the booster and then redistributed inside the mobile home so your phone and other cellular devices receive them.

When your device/phone transmits signals back to the cell tower, the process is repeated in reverse.

Cell signal that’s weakened by distance or obstacles are boosted, and your mobile home’s signal-blocking construction materials are bypassed. That’s how a cell signal booster delivers strong, reliable reception inside a mobile home so you can stream movies and make calls with ease.

Cell boosters are available in a variety of models and prices. The choice of booster type depends on how large an area inside your mobile home you need to provide cell coverage for. It will also boost the signal for iPhone, Android or any phone type that you have.

You can install the cell phone booster yourself, as the kit comes with everything you need and a complete installation guide.

There’s no longer any reason to put up with poor cell reception in your mobile home. A home cell phone signal booster can help.

To learn tips on how to boost cell signal in a home read here.

Click below to see a cell phone booster ideal for providing coverage in a mobile home or a trailer home.

Mobile Home Signal Boosters

  • Home Room – For One Room – Up to 1,500 sq. ft.

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How Do You Know if a Cell Phone Signal Booster Will Work for

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