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The weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR – See What Customers Really Think

Posted on 12/22/2017 by Nicholas Jones

Curious about the best cell signal booster for truckers? The weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR improves cellular signal, call quality, data & video streaming for your cellular device while you are on the road. We collected user reviews from Facebook, Amazon and our website to bring you some stand-out reviews from our customers.

Can you hear me now?

I purchased the OTR kit and it comes with everything you need. I have had it installed in my ’95 Kenworth W900 for several months and it has performed well. In weak service areas it keeps the calls connected. There are still some remote areas in the country where I drop or can’t call out.”

What a Great Product!

“My wife and I travel to many far-flung places with minimal cell reception. This booster has enabled us to stay in contact when necessary; either on the road or in camp. Don’t want to be in touch, then turn it off. Super easy to install and there is no maintenance. Free to use on our cell network. Great selections of accessories and antennas to fit any application. Thinking of buying a couple more for additional vehicles! Thanks for a great product!”

This is a piece of equipment that you can not be without.

“I purchased my weBoost because I drive trucks across country and can not afford to be without communication. It has made such a difference inside my truck with cell and data reception.”

Excellent Product & Customer Service

“The amplifier works well, increasing my signal the second I turn it on. I’m able to talk in locations that I haven’t been able to before and the customer service was excellent helping me set it up and get what I need for my truck.”

Save your breath calling cell providers & get the OTR

“For my work I needed a strong, reliable, well made, and up to date booster. Well, no lie this 4G-X-OTR did exactly as promised. I’m smiling from ZERO bars to FULL bars when turned on in my area. Being so close to Manitoba and Saskatchewan border doesn’t help with providers improving their towers much and in and out of valleys is another concern. I’m here to say I stopped whining and finally happy I’ve got service thanks to this booster. Now that I’ve got this new tool I can better do my work and google, call or text anytime. I’m a fan of weBoost and I snap screenshots of my cell bars sent them to friends of the now service I now have. This product booster is worth the money.”

Great Buy!

“My husband and I drive a truck and run in Montana and Wyoming a lot. We haul cattle so we are off the grid quite a bit. It has really helped and we get service in places we didn’t before.”

Want more? See more reviews and learn more about the Drive 4G-X OTR here.

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