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Top 10 Cell Phone Signal Boosters 2016/2017

Nicholas Jones | December 9, 2016

When someone suggested I post about a blog on the Top 10 Cell Phone Signal Boosters of 2016/2017, I thought it was a great idea.

Until I did a Google search and the SERP showed that five other bloggers had beaten me to it.

I figured no point in doing another list. Instead I decided to take a look at those five existing lists, and from them create a roundup, my own “meta-list,” of their overall top 10 cell phone signal boosters.


But how do I pick 10 boosters from across those multiple lists? Some of the five lists don’t even rank their top picks in any order.

Of course there are a million possible ways, but my solution was to determine which signal boosters are named on multiple lists. I figure if multiple bloggers and editors are picking a booster model among the best on the market, then chances are it is actually one of the best.

Now this is definitely not perfect, but after analyzing the five lists this way I ended up with my own list of the Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters of 2016/2017.

WeBoost Connect 4G cell signal booster – the top pick of bloggers and editors in our product roundup

Our blogger judges

To be clear, the five top booster lists I analyzed, and the bloggers or sites that created them, are all completely independent of weBoost and Wilson Electronics. Until I did the web search in preparation for writing this post, I had no idea our products were included on these lists. Or even that the lists existed!

The lists I reviewed are:

“Top 10 Best Signal Amplifiers Reviewed For 2017” – “8 Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters For 2016” – “Top 10 Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home Use 2016-2017” – “15 Best Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for Business Users” – “The Best Cell Phone Boosters of 2016” –”

Our winners

Well, no booster made all five lists. And none made four of the five. Only one booster made three of the five lists, and that is the weBoost Connect 4G.

Eight boosters made two of the lists, and earned a place on our meta-list. But a whopping 24 boosters were tied by being named on one list each.

To select another booster to make a Top 10 list I  had to devise a tie-breaker to choose among the 24! The weBoost Drive 4G-M seemed the logical choice. Although named on just one list, the Drive 4G-M was ranked #1 and won the Gold Award for top booster from

Our ‘meta-list’ of the Top Cell Phone Signal Boosters of 2016/2017 looks like this:

On top, the weBoost Connect 4G – named on 3 lists. Followed by boosters named on 2 lists (in no particular order), and lastly the weBoost Drive 4G-M.

Some final notes

The Wilson Electronics DT booster is a retired model that has not been manufactured for about two years, but is still available at retail as new old stock. The Cisco AT&T Microcell is a femtocell, a slightly different animal than the other boosters on our list because it requires a broadband Internet connection.

Those five lists together included cell signal boosters from 13 manufacturers, although a couple of those companies appear to no longer be operating.

weBoost is the only manufacturer to have products named on all five lists. zBoost and Wilson Electronics had boosters on three of the lists. You probably already know that weBoost and zBoost are owned by parent company Wilson Electronics.

Smoothtalker and Surecall boosters were named on two of the five lists.

What is a cell phone signal booster?

Cell phone signal boosters use an antenna to collect weak cell signals outside a building or vehicle, amplify the collected signals, and then redistribute the amplified signals inside the building or vehicle for better cell coverage. They then repeat the process in reverse order to send boosted cell signals back to the tower.

Want to learn more about the weBoost boosters on our Top 10 list? Click below.