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How to Increase Network Signal Strength on Android Phones

Posted on 12/23/2019 by Nicholas Jones

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, mobile phones keep us connected to family, friends, coworkers, and others. So, when our interaction is sidelined because of a weak cell phone signal, it can be frustrating and inconvenient.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to boost signal strength on your Android.

First, you may want to learn how to test your signal strength and determine which areas are the most problematic for cell reception. Second, it’s important to gain a better understanding of why you may be experiencing a poor or nonexistent cell signal with your android device.

frustrated man holding an android phone with no cell signal

What is Wrong with My Android Phone Signal?

A cell phone communicates with nearby cell towers by sending signals to your device. Anything that interferes with that transmission can cause the signal to be disrupted. Whether you are in your home, office, car, or other locations, several factors may contribute to why you are experiencing a weak signal:

  • Your location. You may encounter problems with your cell phone signal if you are in a remote location far away from a cell tower. So, it makes sense that the closer you are to a tower, the easier it is for your phone to communicate with it. There are resources available to help you find the closest cell tower in your area.
  • Construction materials. Thick walls constructed of concrete, steel, brick and similar materials can prevent cell signals from entering and leaving buildings. Energy-efficient glass coatings, such as low emissivity (low-e) are also known to obstruct signals. Office buildings, schools, basements, and parking garages are some locations where you may notice persistent issues.
  • Terrain and physical barriers. Mountains, hills, dense forests, thick vegetation, and large trees located between you and a cell tower reduce the relative strength of your signal. Check the topography, landscaping, and structures that surround you. They may be the signal blockers that are causing disruption with your cell coverage.
  • Weather. Snow, rain, sleet, hail, fog, and other types of weather can impact your cell phone signal. Although reception varies depending on the strength of a storm, you may experience dropped calls or intermittent signal reception during these types of weather conditions.

Any of these factors can hinder a cell tower’s ability to connect with your Android. Keep in mind, however, that even when close to a cell tower, if you are surrounded by high-rise buildings or a mountain range your signal may be poor. So, what can you do to increase network signal strength on your Android?

How to Boost Your Android Phone Signal

If you find yourself in a dead zone or an area with poor reception, there are several ways to boost your Android phone signal. A Wi-Fi connection, network extender, and cell phone signal booster are three options to consider.

Wi-Fi Connection

One way to boost the cell signal on your Android phone is to use Wi-Fi instead of your cellular network. Wherever you are, if Wi-Fi coverage is available, you can use it to make calls and send text messages, and there is no need to download an app.

Major U.S. carriers, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile, support Wi-Fi calling. If your Android signal is weak and the feature is enabled, your phone will automatically find a nearby Wi-Fi network. The downside is that when you are in crowded places, the Wi-Fi connection may be slow. Sharing bandwidth with others can be annoying and problematic.

Check with your carrier for details about calling rates or potential restrictions. Verizon, for example, does not charge for Wi-Fi calling in the U.S. It’s included in your monthly voice plan.

4G Network Extender or Microcell 

A network extender, sometimes called a microcell or femtocell, is an option for boosting an Android signal. The device plugs into an existing broadband internet connection and works like a mini cell tower in your home. One disadvantage of using a network extender is that your device will have to compete with other traffic on the network. Also, the device’s signal range is limited, and it won’t work in your car.

If you are a Verizon customer, you can purchase a 4G LTE Network Extender for a one-time fee with no additional charges to your monthly call plan. If AT&T is your carrier, unfortunately, they have discontinued their network extender product called MicroCell®, so you may have to find another option. Contact your carrier to learn more about their devices.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Android

The best way to boost signal strength on your Android is with a cell phone signal booster. With a booster, you’ll experience better call quality, fewer dropped calls, and faster data speeds. Here are the benefits of choosing weBoost signal boosters:

  • Compatible with all U.S. carriers, no need to switch
  • Works anywhere there’s an existing cell signal
  • One-time purchase with no monthly fees
  • 5G ready, will work for the next decade and beyond

Whether you need an in-home or in-vehicle solution, weBoost offers affordable signal boosters for your Android phone to ensure you always have a reliable cellular connection.

Signal Booster for Android: Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

Drive Reach is weBoost’s powerful in-vehicle cell signal booster for your Android phone. With 29.5 dBm in uplink-output power, drivers and passengers receive signals from cell towers at distances up to 74% farther than previous boosters. The unit includes a plug-in 12VDC power cord with a 5V/2.1 Amp USB-A port for rapid charging.

  • Supports multiple users and devices
  • Fast, tool-free installation in minutes
  • Compatible with all cell phones, hotspots, tablets, and other devices

product image of drive reach cell phone signal booster

Drive Sleek is an affordable cradle cell phone signal booster designed for one user. With its innovative, adjustable cradle design, it works with any cell phone between 5.1 and 7.5 inches in length. The booster comes with a 12VDC power cord with a 5V/2.1 Amp USB charging port.

  • Versatile design holds almost any size cell phone
  • Easy installation for magnetic or non-magnetic roofs
  • Up to 2 hours of additional talk time in areas with weak signals

product image of drive sleek cell phone signal booster

Signal Booster for Android: RVs

If you enjoy the fresh air and adventure of being on the open road, weBoost offers two options for amplifying your Android cell signal in an RV:

  • Drive X RV cell signal booster is ideal for multiple users in RVs, campers, and trailers while on the move. You’ll get up to 50 dB gain, fast network speeds, and different mounting options.

product image of drive x rv cell phone signal booster

  • Connect RV 65 is a multi-user cell signal booster for stationary RV use only. When parked at a campsite with its 25’ telescoping antenna pole in place, everyone can enjoy better voice quality and video streaming, faster network speeds, and up to 65 dB gain.

product image of connect RV 65 cell phone signal booster

Signal Booster for Android: Homes

Depending on the size of your home and your unique needs, weBoost offers different multi-user solutions:

Home Room is an affordable, one-room solution that boosts your Android cell signal in your home or office. It’s ideal for small homes and apartments and covers an area of up to 1,500 square feet.

  • Faster internet speeds and streaming
  • Fewer dropped calls
  • Easy, tool-free installation

product image of home room cell phone signal booster

Home MultiRoom is designed for medium-sized homes, and boosts your Android cell signal in three rooms, covering up to 5,000 square feet. When compared to Home Room, this booster connects with cell towers that are located up to 34% farther away.

  • Up to 21 dBm uplink-output power
  • Greater hotspot capability
  • Easy installation with 3M Command™ Strips and flat window cable

product image of weboost home multiroom cell phone signal booster

Home Complete is weBoost’s most powerful booster for large homes or rural areas, covering 7,500 square feet, up to 46% more than Home MultiRoom. With Home Complete, you’ll get faster internet speeds and up to 24 dBm uplink-output power.

  • Up to 72 dB max system gain
  • Better voice quality and hotspot capability
  • DIY, step-by-step installation

product image of home complete cell phone signal booster

To learn more about how to boost your Android phone signal, shop weBoost products today.

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