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How to Improve Cell Signal in a Portable Office

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Web Admin

How to Improve Cell Signal in a Portable Office | weBoost

Portable offices allow businesses to expand their space to enhance organization and productivity. These prefabricated structures are budget-friendly, customizable, multifunctional, and mobile. One major advantage of using portable offices is increased on-site accessibility of decision-makers, employees, and contractors. Cell phones and tablets also make workers and critical data more readily available — when they can keep a consistent connection, that is.

People working in portable buildings often face challenges accessing the internet or keeping a solid cellular signal. In many cases, reliable cellular signal is a matter of survival for companies with remote, mobile offices. Spotty connections strangle communication and productivity, compromising safety with low call quality and lagging data connections. It’s important to understand the underlying causes of weak signals and try simple remedies to keep your operations flowing as smoothly as possible.

The rise of the portable office

The Rise of the Portable Office | weBoost

The past two decades have seen record growth in cellular phone networks across the US, especially with the onset of the smartphone revolution. Beginning with the Blackberry in 2003, then reaching a fevered pitch with the release of Apple’s first iPhone just four years later, cell phone users suddenly enjoyed a much richer mobile experience. Email, text messaging, music and video streaming, mobile apps, and social media consumption became the norm.

This enhanced mobile experience would give rise to another revolution: the portable office.

More than ever before, smartphones make it possible to work wherever you can receive a cell signal. Today’s mobile devices are even used as hotspots to connect traditional laptops to the internet via cellular signal. However, industries that often require a portable office solution are in remote or under-developed locations, which are lacking in reliable cell signal.

Some examples include oil and gas exploration in the badlands of North Dakota or off the coast of Louisiana. Remote mining operations in the Intermountain West. Timber harvesting and lumber operations in the Pacific Northwest. Temporary real estate sales offices and construction-site trailers for use by contractors and subcontractors on the job in far-off locales throughout rural America

These industries and more depend on a reliable cell signal not only to complete necessary work, but to survive day by day. Before we address the best ways to increase cell signal in a portable office, let’s take a moment to explore the reasons why portable offices get weak cell signals in the first place.

Why your portable office has weak cell signal

Why Your Portable Office Has Weak Cell Signal | weBoost

Poor cellular signal reception can result from a variety of factors, including your portable office’s location or your device. Your portable office may be far away from any cell towers, so the signals that make it to your building are weak from the long distances they must travel.

Additionally, many modular structures are constructed with commercial-grade steel, anodized aluminum, foam-injected insulation, and wire mesh — all materials that block cell signals from reaching your office. Some cell phones have weaker antennas or other design features that make them worse at capturing signals than others.

Why do my calls keep dropping?

Calls drop in your portable office either because of poor signal quality or low signal strength. You can boost your cellular service when you address either or both issues. A cell phone signal booster is a reliable, affordable, and speedy solution.

Can I boost my signal with an app?

Unfortunately, no. Most apps claiming to strengthen your reception only reset your network connection, which you can do yourself. However, some apps can help you evaluate your signal and give you the best chance at finding a better one. For example, the free weBoost App will help you measure your real signal strength (unlike the bar indicators on your phone, which aren’t standardized and only give a relative measurement). It will also help you pinpoint the nearest tower, so you’ll know which direction the best signal is likely to come from, and which direction to point your booster antenna, if you have one.

Tips to improve your cell signal strength

Tips to Improve Your Cell Signal Strength | weBoost

Reboot your phone

Doing a soft or hard reset on your phone is often worth a try. You can also try turning on airplane mode and then switching it back off. You can also remove your SIM card, clean it gently, and replace it to help your device work better. While none of these is likely to be a long-term solution, they may help you get a better signal in the short term.

Switch carriers

Your mobile carrier might have yet to install a cell tower near your location. Check your carrier’s coverage map and look up competitor’s maps to see who has the closest tower to your office. The closer you are to a cell tower, the greater access you’ll have to strong signals.

Adjust your settings

The settings on your phone or mobile device may be affecting your reception. For example, you may need to switch from 5G to 4G LTE for faster upload and download speeds. If you have more than one WiFi network in your office, be sure that you’ve connected to the right one.

Purchase a mobile hotspot

A mobile hotspot may help you get a more consistent connection in your portable office. You should be able to add a hotspot plan to your existing cell phone service. This will cost you more monthly, so be sure the expense is worth it to you.

Get a cell phone signal booster

If you’ve tried these tips to no avail, a signal booster could be the solution that yields the results you’re looking for. Some boosters are easy to DIY install while some come with professional installation. A cell signal booster may also be called a passive distributed antenna system. Some of the benefits include:

  • The ability to capture and amplify cell signals from cell towers
  • Amplified signals from any and all available carriers; everyone inside gets the benefits no matter which carrier they use
  • No subscriptions or additional costs for support
  • Easy to relocate if your business changes locations

What to consider when choosing a cell signal booster for your portable office

Determine what you really need from a cell signal booster. What is the square footage of your portable office? Do you need a carrier agnostic solution? Are you looking for a solution that comes with professional installation or would you prefer to install it yourself? These are all important questions to ask yourself as you shop for a cell signal booster for your business and portable office. Fortunately, weBoost for Business solutions work across a variety of industries and business footprints.

Here’s our current product lineup of weBoost for Business boosters:

  • Office 100: Best for small buildings and recommended for up to 8,000 square feet.*
  • Office 200: Best for medium-sized businesses that require more power. Recommended for up to 10,000 square feet.*
  • weBoost Installed | Office 200: Best for professional installation and high coverage. Recommended for up to 15,000 square feet.*

* Coverage claims are based on estimates and can vary depending on factors such as outside signal strength, building construction, and building layout. Wilson Electronics’ Office products are the best performing cell signal boosters for smaller buildings. For larger buildings exceeding 15,000 square feet, we recommend the WilsonPro product lineup for optimal in-building cell signal performance.

Better cell signal, increased productivity

Better Cell Signal, Increased Productivity | weBoost

According to a national workforce study, 62% of respondents agree that mobile phones and tablets are key in helping them stay productive at work. On top of that, 36% of respondents say that their mobile device usage at work is increasing. In a portable office environment, the ability to leverage mobile technology and have access to a reliable cell signal is even more critical. Your portable office functions as an all-important base station to your operation while working out on location. Access to a reliable cellular network will keep your team connected and productive at work.

Capture consistent connections with weBoost

weBoost’s line of cell phone signal boosters can provide peace of mind with access to solid cell signals at any time. Our technology empowers you to maximize your productivity. Your internet connections will be safe with industry-leading data encryption.

Our weBoost for Business boosters:

  • Pick up weak signals from far-away cell towers
  • Work with all mobile devices on all North American carrier networks
  • Are approved by the FCC and ISED
  • Support the latest in 5G technology
  • Come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 3-year warranty
  • Are backed with a U.S.-based dedicated support team

If you’re tired of poor reception and want to put a stop to dropped calls in your portable office or remote job-site, check out our full line of weBoost for Business cell signal boosters.

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