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Weak Cellular Signal in Fleet Vehicles? Meet weBoost Cell Signal Boosters

Posted on 10/26/2018 by Nicholas Jones

Fleet vehicles take all shapes and sizes, from ultra-small delivery vehicles to large over-the-road-trucks and everything in between.

One common element with all fleet vehicles however is that they (and their drivers) require reliable cellular connectivity to operate efficiently.

Whether it’s: confirmation of an electronic signature to prove delivery; use of a portable credit card terminal to process payment; dependence on cellular-based navigation for more efficient travel in remote areas; access to websites for product service videos; access to stronger cellular signal for ELD (electronic logging devices) or post-natural disaster communications, the cellular network is responsible for all these actions.

But let’s take a step back first.

Here’s an important question: if you wrapped your cellular phone tightly in aluminum foil and then put it on your kitchen table and called it, would it ring? The answer is “no” (go ahead, try it), and you probably learned about this in science class – that foil surrounding your phone is called a Faraday Shield and it actually blocks RF signals from penetrating and getting to your phone.

But foil doesn’t just block cellular signals, it blocks TV, Radio, Satellite and any other RF signals as well. So, you ask, what does wrapping your phone in foil have to do with a Fleet Vehicle (or any other form of transportation)?

Look at the body of most vehicles on the road today. Talk about wrapping your phone in foil! The body of your vehicle is the single largest barrier to all RF signals (including cellular signal) there is. That’s why, on the outside of virtually every vehicle, you’ll find an external antenna for your radio, whether it be AM/FM, SiriusXM, GPS or even a CB Radio. Outside is where the signal is strongest – where it’s not yet blocked, and that’s where your antenna needs to be for strongest signal – for all devices.

This is where weBoost cellular signal booster kits shine for all Fleet Vehicles both large and small. The Drive 4G-X Fleet has an outside antenna that captures the cellular signal where it’s the strongest, transfers that signal down through a low-loss piece of coax to our powerful, FCC-approved 4G LTE cellular signal booster, which then sends the signal to an in-vehicle antenna that then radiates that amplified signal inside the vehicle, for ALL cellular users, on ALL cellular devices, on ALL carriers simultaneously in both directions, to and from the carrier.

Whether you operate a single pest-control business processing post-service transactions, or a fleet of furniture-rental stores processing executed rental agreements following delivery, your ability to reliably communicate over the cellular network with all cellular devices on all carriers is critical to efficiency and safety.

Indeed, insurance fleets (especially after natural disasters), delivery fleets and law Enforcement/first respondents all understand the importance of reliable cellular signal in remote or in fringe cellular signal areas.

The Drive 4G-X Fleet solves the weak cellular signal problem by providing the maximum FCC-allowable gain in vehicular use, whether driving or parked.

With a permanently installed weBoost broadband 4G external antenna, coupled with our 12VDC cellular signal booster, we deliver robust cellular signal within the confines of your fleet vehicles. No tuning, no pairing, no digital handshakes – users simply experience amplified cellular signal to all devices, regardless of carrier, with the installed cellular-based wireless device and their personal phone.

The weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet joins our broad line of fleet-oriented cellular signal booster kits, including two models exclusively for large OTR Trucks, and one with a magnetic-based external antenna for rapid movement from vehicle-to-vehicle.

Questions about purchasing multiple products?

Please email us at fleetsales@wilsonelectronics.com


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