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Why You Need a Sprint Signal Booster

Posted on 9/1/2016 by Nicholas Jones

Sprint is fourth largest among the U.S. nationwide cell service providers, and claims the Sprint network has the fastest data download rates among the four largest U.S. cell phone carriers. Even so, some Sprint users find they can’t get reliable coverage so they need a cell signal booster in their home, office or vehicle.

The natural reaction when this happens is to call out the Sprint network and blame them for the bad signal. But isolating the cause of your poor coverage is not that easy. Instead of network shortcomings, when your signal is lousy it’s almost always obstructions between you and the Sprint tower that are blocking the signal and causing the problem.

Why Your Sprint Signal Isn’t Great

Signal blockage is such a pervasive problem that we did blog post and video about it. This is a simple explanation of what happens. Cell phone communications – whether they are data or voice – travel over radio waves. Radio waves can cover long distances, but they’re easy to block or disrupt.

You know about this already from listening to FM radio in a vehicle. You’re driving down the road and go under a bridge, and the radio is interrupted for a moment but then resumes when you’re past the obstruction.

The same thing happens to your cell phone signal. But when it happens indoors like at work or at home, it’s not temporary! And unfortunately, almost any obstruction between your location and the Sprint tower will weaken or completely block your signal.

Common Obstructions

Common cell signal blockers include natural features like hills, any building or other structure, even trees and weather conditions like rain or fog. I’m sure now you begin to see what I mean when I say your poor coverage in the office, at home or in your car is probably not Sprint’s fault.

And of course distance takes a toll on signal strength as well. The further you are from the Sprint tower, the weaker that signal will be when it gets to you.

Finally, when the signal – weakened by all the obstructions it’s had to get past – gets to you, it still must penetrate the concrete walls of your office building, the brick walls of your home or the metal body and tinted glass of your car just to make it to your phone.

So what happens? That’s right, dropped connections, slow downloads and poor audio quality.


A Sprint Signal Booster Can Help

A Sprint cell signal booster from weboost uses patented technology to improve cell coverage in your home, office or vehicle. It collects existing cell signal outside, then amplifies and retransmits the signal inside your vehicle, office or home so any phones or other cell devices can use it.

The booster then reverses that process to send amplified signal back to the Sprint tower. The result is: you don’t drop calls, your downloads are much faster and you can talk up to two hours longer on one battery charge.

How a Sprint microcell works

This process is completely different from how the Sprint Airave microcell works. The Airave creates a localized cell signal inside your home or office, like mini cell tower. It doesn’t work in vehicles. The Airave only works for Sprint customers, so family members, coworkers or roommates with service from another provider can’t use it.

The Airave also requires a broadband internet connection, so if you don’t have one it’s not an option. And it will compete with all other Internet traffic, including streaming video, for bandwidth.
By contrast, a weBoost Sprint signal booster just needs a power outlet to plug into. It works with all cell devices and all U.S. and Canada cell service providers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and others.

weBoost cell boosters are certified by the FCC (in Canada by IC) and approved by Sprint for use on the Sprint network. Best of all, they work for both data and voice, and for both 4G and 3G.

Recommended weBoost Sprint signal boosters

Here are some Sprint signal boosters for home, office or other indoor space:

Connect 4G-X – weBoost’s most powerful 4G in-building booster. Covers up to 7,500 sq ft

For car, truck or other vehicle

Drive 4G-M – weBoost’s most popular 4G vehicle booster

Drive 4G-X – weBoost’s most powerful 4G vehicle signal booster


Click below to see all weBoost Sprint signal boosters.

Show me Sprint signal boosters



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