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Cell Phone Signal Boosters Needed More Than Ever

Nicholas Jones | June 26, 2015

With the incredible growth of smartphone use and mobile data consumption, cell phone signal boosters are needed more than ever

It’s crazy how many cell phones and other cellular enabled devices there are out there, and how fast the numbers are growing. It’s also kinda crazy how much we depend on always being connected to everything. And how much mobile data we consume.

The CTIA, which is the industry association for cellular service providers in the U.S., last week released their annual members survey for 2014. It contains some pretty amazing numbers for cellular device usage in this country. According to the CTIA report:

• There are currently 355 million active cellular subscribers, a number that grew by almost 20 percent from 2013 to 2014. With a current U.S. population of an estimated 321 million, that’s a cellular device market penetration rate of about 110 percent.*

Wireless data consumption in 2014 was up 26 percent over 2013, to 4.06 trillion megabytes. That’s 10 times the data volume CTIA member carriers report in 2010!*

Smartphone usage grew by 19 percent in one year. There are 208 million active smartphone accounts, up from 175 million in 2013.*

• There are more than 35 million active cellular enabled tablets and laptops. That’s a year-over-year increase of more than 40 percent.*

Wow! The totals are amazing, but the growth rates are almost unbelievable.

Another organization that tracks cellular device usage is the Pew Research Center. Their latest report from October 2014 has more fascinating data.

90 percent of American adults own a cell phone.** Unfortunately no data on how many younger-than-adult-age Americans have a cell phone. Even so, taken with the CTIA stats, this means tens of millions of Americans use multiple cellular devices.

63 percent of cell phone owners access the Internet from their phones. 32 percent of those go online mostly using their phone, and not another device.**

72 percent of cell phone owners drop a cellular connection at least occasionally. 32 percent say it happens at least a few times a week or more often.**

77 percent of cellular device Internet users say they experience slow downloads. 46 percent say it happens weekly or more often.**

These are mind boggling numbers, especially when you do the math and see that almost 100 million people WEEKLY (!) put up with lost connections or slow downloads!

As we say frequently in this space – there is no reason to suffer with poor cell phone reception. There are solutions available for virtually every situation and budget to increase cell signal.

Below are some links to some previous posts where I discuss solutions for poor cell phone reception. Also I included links to the reports referenced about if you like to look at them.

*Source: CTIA Annual Wireless Industry Survey

**Source: Pew Research Center Mobile Technology Fact Sheet


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