Do cell phone boosters actually work?

Ken Perkins | April 14, 2016


We get asked that a lot. It dates from 20 years ago when there were scams that claimed to enhance cell phone reception but didn’t really do anything except take people’s money.

Times have changed, and the short answer is “Yes, cell signal boosters actually work.” They can boost the cell signal strength inside your home, office or vehicle by 32 times or more.

Now I’m going to explain why cell boosters work, but if you don’t want to read the details just skip down to the final three paragraphs. They tell you all you need to know to answer the title question.

How cell phone boosters work So how does a cell phone signal booster work? Cell phone signals are carried by radio frequency (RF) waves, in the same way as terrestrial radio signals. Consider the FM radio in a car. Those signals are collected by an antenna, amplified and re-transmitted inside the vehicle so you can enjoy music, sporting events or talk show programming.

Cell phones operate on different frequencies than FM does. But a cell signal booster uses very similar technology to collect, amplify and re-transmit signals inside your vehicle, home or other indoor space allowing you to enjoy on your cellular device the voice and data traffic the signals carry.

In addition, a cell phone booster helps transmit signals from your phone or other cellular device back to the signal source, the cell tower, thereby completing the communication loop. That’s why a booster lets us enjoy voice calls and YouTube videos on our phones even in places where the cell signal is normally pretty weak.

The bottom line Okay, here’s the part I told everyone to read. To be sold in the U.S., all cell signal boosters must be tested and certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In Canada the testing and certifying body is Industry Canada (IC).

These government certifications are assurance for consumers that (a) cell signal boosters work as manufacturers claim, and (b) that boosters don’t cause harmful interference on the cellular network.

So just make sure any signal booster you install is FCC or IC certified. That’s your proof the booster works as promised. Learn more about cell signal boosters and sign up for regular updates on weBoost’s eqo Booster by clicking this link


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