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Why Do I Need a Cell Phone Repeater?

Posted on 6/23/2022 by Nicholas Jones

Ever drop a call? Ever lose a signal in the middle of a conversation? Have trouble connecting to a video conference call or can’t FaceTime with the family? The reason for all of this is that your cell phone is getting a weak signal from the cell tower.

It may sound archaic, but cell phones work on radio waves. Each phone is a receiver and a transmitter, and when you talk into one (or type) it gets turned into radio waves and sent to a cell phone tower, and from there to another tower, and on and on until it reaches your friend. But just like a radio, when you’re too far away from the tower, you lose the signal and you’re stuck scrolling through channels trying to find something to listen to out in the middle of nowhere.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to your problem–whether you’re on a long car drive through the middle of nowhere, or in a large house, or in a cabin in the woods: a cell phone repeater. A cell phone repeater (commonly known as a cell signal booster) is a device that, simply put, takes the weak cell signal and boosts it into a stronger, more usable signal. Calls are restored, messages sent, videos streamed faster.

How do cell phone signal repeaters work?

A cell phone repeater is a fairly straightforward piece of equipment that consists of three parts: the outside antenna, the repeater, and the inside antenna. It’s probably not hard to guess where these parts go on your house or vehicle: the outside antenna is a very sensitive antenna that detects electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and shuttles them to the repeater. The repeater cuts out the noise, amplifies what’s important, and then sends the EMFs to the inside antenna, which then connects to your cell phone.

weboost how do vehicle cell phone signal boosters work

A cell signal repeater or booster is different from a WiFi router: the system’s connection isn’t hardwired into anything, and you don’t need a password to connect to it. Instead, it’s like you suddenly have a strong cell phone tower right there in your vehicle, business, or house, and you can connect to it just by turning on your phone. Your phone will pick up the boosted cell signal and it works on all phones, networks and cell carriers. There are different repeaters for your unique application like RV cell phone boosters, cell phone boosters for home, boosters for businesses, and cell phone signal boosters for cars.

Why do I need a cell phone repeater?

There are lots of reasons why you’d want a cell phone repeater. You’ve probably experienced these issues with bad cell signal before: dropped calls, lagging video, long download times, and poor performance of various apps. Having a cell phone repeater solves those issues and ensures you can connect when you’re struggling with weak cell service. 

Imagine you’re a salesperson who covers two states and spends a lot of your time on the road. There will be times, driving through cities, where your phone works like a dream (although you can still have poor signal in cities). But there will also be times passing through rural areas or meeting with a customer in a small town, where you just can’t connect to the office. Maybe you’re at the customer’s business and they have a problem you need to fix–and your phone just refuses to connect.

Imagine you’re on a vacation in your RV, traveling in your retirement, and your grandkid calls you on FaceTime to connect with you–and you can’t see the video. The audio goes in and out, the video lags, and you just want to tell them you love them.

Imagine you’re a long haul trucker hauling a load across the middle of America, and you want to call your spouse or dispatcher with important news, but the phone won’t connect.

Imagine you’re in your very own home — and no one can call you in the basement. Or the metal roof blocks all incoming calls. You need a way to boost cell signal at home

The Benefits of Having a Cell Phone Signal Repeater

A cell phone repeater or cell phone booster can solve all of these problems. An antenna can’t magically create a signal out of nothing. But even if you only have one bar, that weak signal is sent to the repeater to be amplified, and then the stronger signal is broadcast through the inside antenna. Suddenly you have a good signal, and you can make that call to the office, to the grandkids, to your spouse, or use your phone in your own home. Yep, even in the basement.

image of man talking on cell phone in a garage

Do cell phone repeaters boost signals for all carriers?

Yes, a cell phone repeater works with all U.S carriers. Any carrier can connect to it without needing a password or key. If outside your house you can’t get a signal, but inside you’ve installed a repeater, walk inside and your phone will act like you’re in the middle of a city. It doesn’t care what kind of phone or service you’re using. 

Do cell phone repeaters boost signals for 3G, 4G, and 5G?

Absolutely. As of this writing, carriers are still rolling out the infrastructure to handle 5G. But if the cell phone tower your repeater is connected to is 5G compatible, then your weBoost cellular repeater will work just fine. We’re ready for the next decade and beyond.

How to install a cell phone signal repeater

For a car or truck, the repeater is a cinch to install. The outside antenna secures to your vehicle’s roof with a very strong magnet. Just stick it on your roof, and you’re ready to go. No tools needed.

For an RV, we have an antenna designed for when you’re parked that comes with the Destination RV booster kit. It takes ten minutes to put up once you reach camp, and its 24’ telescoping antenna pole picks up great reception even if you’re in the middle of Yellowstone Park or the backwoods of Tennessee. If you want to use your booster while you’re on the road, both Drive Reach RV and Drive X RV come with an outside antenna that can be attached to the outside of your RV and allows you to travel with it installed. As of now, Drive Reach RV is the newest version.

We also have a few products designed for semis and OTR trucks. The most powerful is Drive Reach OTR. Drive Sleek OTR has a cradle-style inside antenna that is meant for solo drivers.

For maximum boosting power at home, check out weBoost Installed | Home Complete. Professional installation is included in the price, so our techs will come out and do the installation for you–in any U.S. zip code. You can install your own booster with the Home Complete kit, or with our other models like the Home MultiRoom or Home Room. The free weBoost App contains how-to videos and connects you directly with our U.S.-based support team if you need help. But if you don’t want to climb ladders or deal with the mess of a self-installation, the installed product is definitely the way to go for whole-home coverage.

Why choose a weBoost cell phone repeater?

For one reason: customer satisfaction. We offer the best product with top quality and top performance, with the easiest installation. For a quick look at some of our glowing cell phone signal reviews, check out our blog here.

Cellular Repeaters for Cars

Drive Reach

product image of drive reach cell phone signal booster

  • Reaches the farthest cell towers
  • Boosts multiple users/devices
  • Ideal for passenger cars/SUVs
  • Best booster for remote areas

Drive X

product image of drive x cell phone signal booster

  • Reaches far away cell towers
  • Boosts multiple users/devices
  • Ideal for passenger cars/SUVs
  • Good booster for remote areas

Drive Sleek

product image of drive sleek cell phone signal booster

  • Works in remote locations
  • Single-user cradle booster
  • Ideal for passenger cars/SUVs
  • Great for daily commuter use

Drive Reach Overland

Get cell signal in a dead zone with Drive Reach Overland

  • The best option for off-roading or overland adventure
  • Most powerful vehicle booster allowed by the FCC
  • Game-changing foldable outside antenna
  • Tool-free installation option (hardwire kit also available)

Cellular Repeaters for RVs

Destination RV

product image of connect RV 65 cell phone signal booster

  • Powerful stationary RV booster
  • Boosts multiple users/devices
  • Ideal for campers and trailers
  • For use only when RV is parked

Drive X RV

product image of drive x rv cell phone signal booster

  • Reaches far away cell towers
  • Boosts multiple users/devices
  • Ideal for RVs, campers, trailers
  • Use when parked or in motion

Cellular Repeaters for Trucks

Drive Reach OTR

product image of drive 4G-X OTR

  • Reaches far away cell towers
  • Boosts multiple users/devices
  • Ideal for semis and OTR trucks
  • Good booster for remote areas

Drive Sleek OTR

product image of drive sleek OTR cell phone signal booster

  • Best booster for solo truckers
  • Works in remote locations
  • Single-user cradle booster
  • Ideal for semis and OTR trucks

Cellular Repeaters for Home

weBoost Installed | Home Complete

product image of weBoost Installed | Home Complete cell phone signal booster

  • Reaches cell towers up to 26% farther than the Home MultiRoom
  • Enhances cell coverage for an entire home
  • Versatile inside antenna fits on wall or shelf
  • Ability to target cell towers from any location

Home MultiRoom

product image of weboost home multiroom cell phone signal booster

  • 2nd most powerful home booster
  • Coverage for up to 3 large rooms
  • Targets home’s weak signal areas
  • Tool-free installation option

Home Room

product image of home room cell phone signal booster

  • Our standard home booster
  • Covers up to one room
  • Ideal for small homes/apts.
  • Tool-free installation option

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